Posted by: bkivey | 13 June 2018

Las Vegas: Epilogue

I had a good time. I’m glad I went. I think that for a first time to Vegas, spur-of-the-moment isn’t a bad way to go. I didn’t know anything other than it was a money-vacuum, and had no real expectations other than getting home intact. No disappointment on either score.

When the dust settles I expect the total bill to be a bit less than twice the package price, but as I said, the package was a bargain. I think I got as much out of the trip as I could reasonably get. It was fun.

Notes & Observations

Second time I’ve flown Alaska; first time in one of their jets. The turboprop I was on was a bit cramped; the jets have legroom. I like Alaska. I’ll be looking to fly them in the future.

I am very impressed with the resort maintenance and housekeeping staffs. Those properties take a beating from thousands of people daily and they still look amazing. The elevators must be some of the most robust in the world.

I am less impressed with the street markings around Las Vegas. Paint your streets! There are a number of streets where the lane markings and parking lines are nearly invisible.

Service industry employees spend a fair amount of time standing around. Vegas operates 24/7/365 and the expectation is that if a patron wants to do something they want to do it now. The casinos I saw had a third to half the table games staffed even when few were playing. All of the retail stores seemed to have a couple of people on staff as long as they were open. Same with the bars and other alcohol venues. A lot of people trying not to look bored. I hope they get good tips.

Lounge singers. I appreciate the allusion more.

Three days is about as long as I’d care to stay in Vegas.

Asking hotel staff for help isn’t really going to get you anywhere. I would say the attitude is indifferent. I hoped my keys didn’t demagnetize, because I wan’t sure if I’d be able to get another in a timely manner. This may not be the case at the high-end properties.

You can get around without a car, especially if you stay close to the Strip, but I would get one. They’re cheap enough, and you can buy sundries and meals where normal people live. The only caveat is that parking may cost more than the car.

For a metro area of 2.2M Las Vegas seems fairly compact as far as getting around. I could drive from one side of the metro area to the other in about 30 – 40 minutes depending on traffic. Portland metro area (about 2.5M): 1 – 2 hours.

Everything is brown or some closely related shade. It’s the desert. I spent a bit of time in Victorville, CA, so no surprise there. Still. It’s a lot of ocher.

The second car I saw outside the airport garage had Oregon plates.

When I went to fill the car, I was thinking about what I was going to tell the attend . . oh, not in Oregon.

Las Vegas hates me. I didn’t spend a penny on gambling, and had one alcoholic beverage. So I wasn’t a profit center. There are still several things I’d like to see I didn’t have time for, so I’ll be back. Maybe I can catch the volcano.

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