Posted by: bkivey | 31 December 2018

Random End-Of-Year

Miscellaneous things on the last day of 2018.

It was sunny today:

OR TV Hwy looking West 181231


Looking West down TV Highway in Hillsboro toward the Coast Range. The mountains are about 20 miles away.

OR TV Hwy looking East 181231

Looking East. Mt. Hood is about 60 miles distant.

OR Spangrish


OR Hillsboro Jesusmobile

Jesus rolls deep with a Lincoln Navigator.

20 year old Brother printer

I had to replace this printer after 20 years of service. I bought it because every contractor’s office I was in had one, so I figured it would work well. It has. All I’ve ever done is replace the ink. Print quality degraded some the last year, I imagine as the print nozzles wore, but up until last week, all it did was work. The scanner still works, so I’ll keep it for that. Any machine that works this well deserves recognition.

2018 saw the completion of a two-year, $15k project to renovate my mouth. After decades of crappy, painful teeth, my mouth looks and works well, and should for the rest of my life. Worth every minute and every dollar. Thank you, Dr. James A. Miller and staff.

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2019.


  1. Blair–
    Good stuff!
    Mix of freezing rain and some minor flurries here in Michigan.
    Hope you have a nice evening tonight!

    • We plan to pepper the woods off the deck with shotguns at midnight.

      Happy 2019!

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