Posted by: bkivey | 6 March 2020

Like I Was Saying

No real content in this post, just a link to a blog entry that sums up a lot of things nicely. The poster is a blue-blooded Hollywood liberal, living in a Democratic Party bastion.

Some Photos

ice cube stalagite 200211

I have noticed that my ice cubes are developing protrusions. Not every time, but enough to notice, and I’ve been wondering how this occurs. The freezer runs around 0F – 5F at the halfway point of the analog control, so it’s unlikely the tray is jostled and a jet of water instantly freezes. Depending on the humidity, there may be an excess of water vapor in the freezer cold air discharge, and that may condense along the ‘ceiling’ of the freezer and so drip down to form ice stalagmites. Still, not the expected thing in your freezer.

Large Chicken Hearts

Large chicken heart

My usual practice is to buy whole chickens and cut them up at home. I have noticed the last year or so that some chicken hearts are much larger than the normal ones on the right, and while still rare, there are more like the ones on the left. Superchickens, or bred to the point of imminent heart failure? In any case, they still taste like, um, chicken.






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