Posted by: bkivey | 20 May 2020

Skating Around Level C-19

If I were a Muslim woman, I’d be taking a look at Western court rulings prohibiting the wearing of hijab on the basis that identity concealment is harmful to society. Walked around town lately? Carding for age-restricted items is a joke. I’ve been in one store that doesn’t bother. Kids out of school and wearing masks? No worries there!

“But Blair, it’s a matter of public health!” No argument from me. But that’s not the point. The pandemic has made face-mask wearing socially acceptable in the West. Why should a people be legally proscribed from doing the same thing in the practice of their religion?

I’m thinking this is going to impact dating the same way herpes did in the 80’s. Will dating sites have a “Tested C-Free” option?

Nobody wants to cough in public. COVID or COPD? You make the call!

The State of Oregon made ‘single-use’ plastic bags illegal this year, after a number of communities had passed similar laws. People are expected to provide their own grocery bags or pay $0.05 per store-supplied bag.

Would anyone care to guess what has been banned in grocery stores? Customer-supplied multi-use bags. Now people are forced to use, and pay for, store plastic bags. So what could have been construed as a ‘voluntary’ tax, is now involuntary. I suppose you could take the cart home. Maybe someone should look into this.

When the state banned plastic bags, I ordered 1000 for $15. Now I walk into stores with a wad of bags. They are legally ‘single-use’, so should be permissible. A couple of people have commented that they’d wished they’d saved their bags.

Loners: Socially distant before social distancing was cool.

It seems to me there is a divide in how people are responding to the pandemic centered on about the age of 35. Younger, it’s “We need to be down with the program.” Older, more like “This is a real thing, but the response is varying degrees of BS.” I’m older than 35.

I’m a little surprised there aren’t more licensed property masks. I haven’t seen a single Darth Vader. Really?



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