Posted by: bkivey | 24 August 2020

Rolling Around

WordPress Blocks

My blogs are hosted on WordPress, and they have been rolling out a new editor. This is one of those things that I think is fixing something that isn’t broken, but WordPress controls the space, and they will have their way. Realizing I will have to learn the system if I want to host on WordPress, I’m going to make an effort.

Election Spruce-Up?

I have noticed that Portland has made an effort to clean up some of the graffiti, like some painting-out in tunnels and overpasses, and replacing some street signs. The cynical might argue that because the margin in the 2016 gubernatorial election was pretty much Portland, might the state have suggested the city clean up it’s act to draw attention away from Democratic government failure? Conspiracy theories are generally BS, but people, especially those wanting power, behave in predictable ways.


On the way to a job, saw a B-747 on final to PDX. Outside the freighters, I didn’t think any were still flying. The Queen of the Skies is still an impressive sight.

Disease for profit?

There is a plasma donation center not far from the house, and I noticed a sign along the road that said they were offering up to $200 for COVID-19 ‘survivor’ (their word) plasma per month. This raises some questions. Are the State’s masking requirements an unfair restraint of trade? Remember, the lawyer’s job isn’t to argue right or wrong; but their client’s case.

One might say that preventing a person from acquiring COVID-19, if they are in a demographic likely to survive (it’s the flu!), unfairly prevents that person an income opportunity. We all know where a court would come down, but still interesting.

A Summer Sunday

This time of year, jobs and days off have to be sequenced, and today was a day off. It was gorgeous.

I have noticed the Doug Fir of cone fame still has cones-o-plenty to drop, and a few will hit the ground when the Sun comes up, and sporadically throughout the day. But no carpet-bombing like last week. I watched a squirrel eat one of the cones, and it just demolished it. I’ve noticed that the squirrels don’t seem to go above a certain height. I’ve never seen them in the upper reaches of the fir trees.

Clear skies, mid 80’s, business done by early afternoon, and a fun car. OK. Moonroof open and windows down so we get the semi-convertible feel. Headed west and north to the Coast Range. There are some traffic circles seemingly built in the middle of nowhere, but of late, not unusual in these parts.

It’s a little strange to see landscaping in the middle of a cornfield.

Verboort Road takes you through the unincorporated community of Verboort; a legacy of the many Dutch who settled the area. The road turns into Purdin Rd, then Thatcher, and comes out onto State Road 8, the same-same road known as TV Highway from Beaverton to Forest Grove. Here it takes a country turn, and follows Gales Creek north and west up the valley. It’s a fun road.

The view south down the valley. There are a number of windbreaks perpendicular to the creek, so hard to get a sense of the land from a picture. The road is just out of frame to the left.

Pretty nearly the unincorporated community of Gales Creek entire. Around the bend are the city offices, and the much larger church, which also appears to house the school. The eponymous creek flows under the bridge.

Looking back south from the bridge.

It’s about a mile from the town to OR 6, but I was trapped behind a less enthusiastic driver. It’s a public road; they have as much right as I do. Maybe more, as they likely aren’t breaking as many traffic laws. And wearing a mask, probably.

Left on OR 6 and 3 miles later gets you to Timber Road, and a right turn to some fun. Timber Road runs from OR 6 to 2 miles south of Vernonia at OR 47, and for my money, is one of the best roads within 20 minutes of home. It roughly divides into two sections; OR 6 to US 26, and US 26 to OR 47. The whole road is fun to drive. And if you do it right, you will hardly need the brake, although your left leg will notice.

Which is what I was practicing this day: cornering. Even when behind slower drivers, you can still practice lines and shifting. Which is where I found myself the last bit of road to Vernonia. Sans souci. A fun car in the Oregon Coast Range on a clear summer day? Are you kidding me? Why are you protesting, again?

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