Posted by: bkivey | 20 January 2021

Inauguration Day 2021

Whether their candidate won or not, Americans have been able to take comfort in the peaceful transition (or maintenance), of power in the Federal government. Someone comes in, someone goes out, or hangs around, depending on the election. New Presidents, like most things people worry about, are nearly never as bad as feared, or as good as desired. You casts your vote and takes your chances.

I voted in my first election in 1982, as I was just a touch too young to vote in 1980. My first voting Presidential election was 1984, and I cast my lot for Ronald Reagan. It did, and still does, feel good to add my voice. Civilization is a participation sport.

Up until 2000, even if your party lost, you had confidence in the process. The United States had an electoral system modeled all over the world. My vote counts, and it will be counted fairly.

Well, until Albert Gore Jr. lost the Presidential election. Then it was lawyers en masse and hanging chads and “we have to make sure every vote is counted”, despite a lot of Bush votes going missing. And so for the next eight years of the Bush Administration, there was constant Progressive pressure. I posted some of those images here, in a post from 2011. That’s violent stuff, but protected under the 1st Amendment. 

Also protected is the right to forcefully express your opinion in a public forum. But, here’s the thing. The societal contract, and good sportsmanship, demand that if you lose a contest, you shut up about it and prepare for the next competition. Americans will support an underdog, but not if the underdog is a yappy dog that won’t shut up about changing the rules so they can win. Or just straight cheating. Either one works, apparently. 

Even to Democrat Party supporters, this victory feels hollow. I know some folks of the Democrat persuasion, and they are rather subdued. Because they know that one of the basic rules of a civilized society has been violated the last four years: Shut up, and move on. 

Whether or not you voted for the current President and Party, there are some serious questions:

  • Ever notice how dead folks only vote for Democrats? Ever?
  • There is enough evidence of vote tampering to meet the civil standard, and that meets the standard for an investigation to see if the criminal standard has been met. 
  • But no Democrat wants an investigation. Why not? If one puts the interests of the country first, then the integrity of the electoral process should be unassailable. In a ‘fair’ society, everyone has an interest in a robust process. 
  • And the Party of ‘Fairness’, ‘Equality’, and ‘Access’, seems to have no interest in actually, you know, ensuring these things. ‘Power’, ‘Privilege’, and ‘Exclusion’, appear to be the order of the day. 

These are the bare facts; none of this is conspiracy, or fabricated. It’s right there in front of everyone’s faces in the news every day. Although, if you want a more accurate reporting of event in the US, you may want to look at foreign news. 

Look around you, folks. This is not who we are, and it’s never what we wanted to be. 


  1. Thanks for this… found your blog via a comment you made on the “Behind The Black” blog.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for reading. Hope to see you again soon.


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