Posted by: bkivey | 27 August 2021


I was kicked off the public forum when my Internet computer quit with no notice. I use a dedicated computer with no internal connections for the Web, and mine quit playing. Hard drive. It’s an expected failure, and not a huge loss, as the computer was exclusively an Internet portal. I donated it to the computer shop, although probably more useful as a target.

The computer shop connected me to a resident who makes coin refurbishing computers. I had looked at the usual places for a cheap laptop, and there are many available cash (credit)-and-carry. But, I preferred not to rent my software. I realize that for the life-cycle of most consumer-grade computers, it can be cheaper to rent than to buy. But I prefer to own the things I’m using. For business, a bit different, but for personal use, I want ownership. If I break it, I’ve already bought it.

The initial delivery was ‘early next week’, but a call yesterday informed that there was a computer ready, and it was free.

Say what?

Sure enough, I was given a perfectly functional laptop at no cost. Several good things have happened the past couple of weeks. In most cases, because the businesses I deal with know about the van, and have extended considerations. I am deeply grateful, and humbled, by the support. But I might see the computer guy maybe once or twice a year. He didn’t know the Van Story.

Even at full freight, the computer would have been easily affordable. It’s not like I desperately needed a free computer. But, gift horses, and all. And the computer works well.

Both individuals are practicing Christian’s, at a time when there is an almost Roman tolerance for the religion. I patronize the computer shop because I get good work at a fair price, locally. I could care whom you worship, although God gets a vote. While I would draw the line at Satanists, if you can deliver, you get my business. Whatever, man. Just deliver the goods and take my money.

From talking to the guy who built the computer, the donation was something of a ministry. Which is fine, and all, but why choose me?

“Well, why didn’t you ask?”

Because that’s his business. Been far, far, too much noses-not-wanted, lately. If someone is giving you something of value, it seems rude to question.

“Has anyone asked you to carry a bag for them?” Actual security question at the ticket counter pre-9/11.

Well, the computer hasn’t blown up, yet.

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