Posted by: bkivey | 3 September 2021

The New Pariahs

The COVID-19 pandemic thus far:

December 2019: The Wuhan Flu escapes, and spreads across the globe.

Winter 2020: Panic and hysteria. Hospitals overwhelmed, and supply chains shut down. A lot of what people took for granted; wasn’t.

Spring 2020: The Great Masking. “Wear a mask now; we’ll be done with this by Fall.”

Summer 2020: Panic and hysteria are mostly over, and adjusting to a masked and socially-distant society.

Fall 2020: Whelp, we’re not ‘done with it’. Large-scale vaccine production, stemming from a monumentally impressive research effort.

Winter 2021: Massive, global, inoculation effort. People starting to feel like we’re entering the endgame.

Spring 2021: Vaxxing up a storm. The end is in sight, as restrictions start to ease.

Summer 2021: ‘Herd’, (or, ‘social’) immunity achieved in many places. Pandemic-related mandates and guidelines eased or eliminated, at least at the state and local level. Life in some places is nearly normal, although hand-shaking is uncommon.

Cue the Dr Johnny Fever format-change.

So, why are we regressing to more restrictive rules? Oh, yeah, the Delta variant. News feeds have taken to showing new case and death numbers again. The mortality rate appears to be around 1%, well below the definition of pandemic. I would lay dollars to doughnuts that a very small percentage of deaths involve reasonably healthy individuals under 60. CDC says that the majority of new infections, and one might assume deaths, are from unvaccinated individuals. This should not be news. It’s how disease works.

Let’s look at vaccination. The purpose is to acquire immunity, or at the least, much-reduced susceptibility, to a disease. There are vaccinations for all the popular childhood diseases, and others for bugs you might find around the planet. If vaccinated, you are ‘safe’ from that virus. You could walk into a ward full of cases, and not be too concerned. In the general population, your risk would approach zero.

It seems the Delta variant is a sort of ‘superbug’ version of COVID-19. CDC says it is the dominant variant in the US: more infectious, and able to breach the vaccine. So we are back to social restrictions because the vaccine, isn’t? I understand that viruses mutate, and COVID-19 appears to be good at it. But we have only recently even developed a vaccine, and have some catching up to do. It will be a while before we can have an effective vaccine for the mutations, as we do for more common strains of the flu.

As for disease itself, last Summer medical authorities noted that up to 40% of juvenile COVID-19 cases were asymptomatic. It seems most of the data for adults is 12 months old, but indicates that as many as 30% of adults can develop asymptomatic cases. If these numbers are anywhere close to correct, that’s a pretty lame virus. I’d bet every Marburg victim knows they have it. Reports from healthy people who have had the disease run along the ‘really bad flu’ vein, but not life-threatening. I once managed to have Hepatitis A, pneumonia, and the flu, concurrently. I cannot imagine that any variant of COVID-19 would be worse. If it is, I wouldn’t want to live.

The driving fear now seems to be that vaccinated, healthy, individuals, can spread the disease. My question here is, what’s the point?

The scenario government is selling is that a everyone needs to be vaccinated against a moderately-severe flu, but that there is no defense against it. Does that make sense to you?

So if we are going to be required to ‘mask-up’, and get vaccinated, and social distance, and stay home, what’s the point of vaccination? We were told that a 70% immunization rate would be sufficient to control the virus. Now, we find that is not so. People and government are losing their minds because, people are getting sick? That’s never happened before?

But in the Drive for Conformity, people who choose not to get the vax are now singled out for ‘special’ treatment. If you’re vaccinated, why do you even care? You’re immune. Right? And if you’re not vaxxed, you’ve made a personal health choice, just like the vaccinated folks. Vaccination, if effective, is win-win. Actually, the game favors the vaccinated: I am immune, you are not. You can’t infect me, but I could infect you. So why all the hue-and-cry over vaccination status?

A vaxx card has become something of a Party membership. Don’t have one? Can’t do this, can’t do that. Have to mask, can’t go here, can’t go there. For folks who natter on about ‘equality’ and ‘inclusion’. they sure are quick to seize on ways to divide. Want to know what was behind the Iron Curtain? Welcome to the Land of the Free 2021.

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