Posted by: bkivey | 27 September 2021

Media Day

I see that Google’s home page announces their 23rd anniversary today. In a not-too-curious bit of numerology, my birthday is 23 September. That’s, like, only 3 days ago! I did notice that Google stopped wishing me Happy Birthday by name a few years ago. That was just creepy (or very Chinese).

The motivation here is that I’ve heard some radio spots for a couple of years, that have me a bit baffled/amused. Without ranking:

Save The Food

This campaign appears to have been on-air since 2016, and has a guy with British accent imploring people not to waste food. There is a website, but I couldn’t find an easily accessible audio clip. According to the spot and the site, 40% of food in America is wasted. This seems high, to me. The waste examples on the site appear to be mostly out-of-date food getting tossed, and reasonable enough. I don’t always eat everything before it goes bad, or I’m afraid to eat it. The spot tagline is “Eat it, Store it, Save it, but don’t Waste it (maybe a paraphrase, but very close). The site and the spot claim that wasted food costs the American family $1500/year. What?! I understand that not every last crumb will be crunched, but that seems a lot. And, what is ‘waste’? There is a woods backing up to the house, so any organics get tossed out back. Something will eat it.

The intent seems to be reducing the overproduction of food when cooking; or making people aware of what they actually need. It’s a lot to get into 30 seconds, but a bit curious in the execution.

Discover The Forest

Apparently on-air since 2009, this effort by the Ad Council and the USDA Forest Service have been encouraging people to Get Out There! This gives me a slight pause in the Pacific Northwest, because there is a lot of forest around. Like, right out the back door, in my case. In any case, one can literally walk to some forest from anywhere in the Portland metro area. More convenient to take transit, though. My home county of Washington has miles of linear park following power lines, and while not forest, it’s still Nature. I understand the encouragement, but it just seems slightly Coals-To-Newcastle.

Relief Factor

Whatever the merits of the product, Dr Sebastion Gorka gives the radio spot his own stamp. Again, not easy to find audio, but all I can say is: “Designed to heal!”

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