Posted by: bkivey | 16 September 2021

The Hysteria Taxes I

Over the past weekend, Elizabeth Blackstock over on the Jalopnik site related her experiences with COVID-19 testing on a 3-week trip to England and Greenland. Outside the usual costs associated with travel, a vaccinated individual had to spend nearly $1000 USD on COVID-19 testing. She concludes the article by noting that:

As I wrote before, planning these tests definitely takes the spontaneity out of international travel, but at the same time, it is nice to verify several times that I’m not sick and that I won’t be passing the virus on to others. A small price to pay for the ability to get back into the swing of things.

Uh, $860 is not a small price to pay, and the even higher price is the sheer hassle of scheduling the tests. Plus, you know, the implication that a healthy person is somehow a threat. Dignity, much? The usurpation of the Individual by the State is very much not ‘the ability to get back into the swing of things.

What in the actual name of all that is holy is going on, here?

I’ve been overseas. You got whatever shots were recommended, showed proof of vaccine at Customs, and that was it. College students could tour Europe for $1000 for three weeks. Now, this isn’t good enough? Why not? If the vaccine actually is, what’s the problem? I understand that this particular bug is all very new, but we were sold on a solution that doesn’t appear to be. I call shenanigans.

I don’t know what 3-week trips to England and Greenland cost, but even with miles to burn, COVID-19 testing has to be a major expense. For what? We’re already at the Process level: managing The Virus (or, more precisely, the people). The Goal of normal living is being rapidly usurped by Process. And politicians are all about Process; you can stay in power for decades off it.

Global society has been fundamentally transformed the last couple of years, and not for the better. Disease comes and goes; we learn how to handle it. But Government lasts much longer.

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